Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Good enough

This morning, I committed the ilContrast tool I blogged about on Sunday. It is in the mono-tools product in svn trunk. The tool can compare two individual assemblies which you can provide either by cmdline argument or interactively using the FileChooser.

Some potential features remain for bored hackers and artists to implement:
  • It needs a super-sexy icon. I just copied MonoIcon.png.
  • It could probably use some persistence mechanism to recall the last "project".
  • Multiple assembly comparisons. The mono-api-info tool looks like it can do it, just needs hooking up.
  • Maybe a tabbed view for displaying multiple comparisons.
  • The About dialog could use translation to 67 different languages.
  • It has a hard dependency on Gecko#. A fallback to GtkHtml like monodoc provides might be useful.
After finishing the standalone tool, it occurred to me that this might have made a nice MonoDevelop plugin instead. But the tool is handy as is, and will probably work its way into my Gtk# hacking.


In case anyone was actually considering the GtkHtml fallback hack, don't bother. As Miguel pointed out to me, the javascript requirement makes that a non-starter. A more likely hack in that area would be to remove the Gecko# dep by directly rendering the mono-api-diff output with Gtk# itself, perhaps using a TreeView.

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