Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Back in the Saddle

After a lengthier than expected hiatus, I've been turned loose again to dedicate most of my time to Gtk#. I'm looking forward to adding some new features and improving the memory management of the existing bindings.

I've completed an initial triage of outstanding bugs, along with some work bringing the documentation up to speed with current monodoc updater. I use the monodoc update as a first check for API stability, in addition to the CorCompare-based audit mechanism in svn, so it's important to me to have the docs updating with as little noise as possible.

My initial focus will be working on the higher priority bugs, while also documenting and auditing the remainder of the new types added in the Gtk# 2.10 release. While I document the new types, I'll be auditing the API for correctness and making any adjustments for members the automated code generator bound incorrectly. Hopefully within a couple of weeks I'll be able to move on to new features like GInterface Registration.