Sunday, April 20, 2008

Standings and Exert Features

As of this evening, 5 quarters are finished. The prognostication standings:

Mike: 5
Maggie the Monkey and Jackson: 2

Been adding some new features to exert the last couple weekends. Last weekend, it was a couple new icons for swimming and cycling:

I also hacked EntryCategory editing and creation in the Preferences dialog. It supports editing of category names and icons, plus a "visible" checkbutton to indicate if you want the category shown in the Entry dialog combobox.

This weekend, I added a status tray icon and menu.

I've got a list of features I want to add, but I will probably kick out another release soon. The Garmin device support deserved a release months ago.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hockey talk

Jackson took a group of us non-Canadians to a Bruins/Blackhawks game in Boston last fall, and rekindled my interest in the Blackhawks. Seeing as Jackson has posted his picks for the first round, I figured I would post my completely novice guesses just so I can belittle him if I happen to guess correctly.

'Wings d Preds in 6. Ellis is gonna win 2.
Sharks d Flames in 4. Flames are going down hard.
Avs d Wild in 6. Wild are too boring to win.
Stars d Ducks in 7. Could go the other way in 7.

Montreal d Boston in 5. Boston will win one at home.
Pittsburgh d Ottawa in 5. Crosby with 16 points.
Caps d Flyers in 6. Caps are gonna drop one at home, probably game 1.
Rangers d Devils in 7. Though I couldn't care less.

If you place any bets based on these picks, I will expect my usual commission.