Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hockey talk

Jackson took a group of us non-Canadians to a Bruins/Blackhawks game in Boston last fall, and rekindled my interest in the Blackhawks. Seeing as Jackson has posted his picks for the first round, I figured I would post my completely novice guesses just so I can belittle him if I happen to guess correctly.

'Wings d Preds in 6. Ellis is gonna win 2.
Sharks d Flames in 4. Flames are going down hard.
Avs d Wild in 6. Wild are too boring to win.
Stars d Ducks in 7. Could go the other way in 7.

Montreal d Boston in 5. Boston will win one at home.
Pittsburgh d Ottawa in 5. Crosby with 16 points.
Caps d Flyers in 6. Caps are gonna drop one at home, probably game 1.
Rangers d Devils in 7. Though I couldn't care less.

If you place any bets based on these picks, I will expect my usual commission.

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Daniel "Suslik" D. said...

Went to last pre-playoff Stars v Ducks game.

Came out with an impression that Stars managed to end the regulation time with 2:2 only by miracle.

Stars look tiny (really, Duck just have larger players) and undermuscled. Stars' set ups usually required comlicated 3-player maneuvers. Ducks had much more efficient, solid 2-player setups and trully deserved the 2 regulation time goals.

The only reason Stars got the 2 goals are absolute sloppiness on the part of Ducks. One goal was a righful punishment for Duck's player pass through the center, near the goals. Duck's goalie was reckless about 5-7 times while going for the puck.

If Ducks drop the sloppy attitude (and they should, since this is playoffs) with Solane and Nederemeier on board, they will crush Stars in max 5 games.