Friday, February 15, 2008

Hack Week II Exertion

This week was Hack Week 2 at Novell, and I decided to spend the week adding Garmin Forerunner import support to exert. I had hoped to maybe move on to some heart rate graphs and lap display, but time ran out.

All track, lap, and run data is importing correctly into the exert sqlite database, at least as far as I can tell from some sql querying. The visible entries are coming in cleanly and displayed properly, but there may still be some glitches in the lap summary and GPS track point data.

Here's a rather boring screenshot of the end result.

Current support is limited to the ForeRunner 305, but it should be easy enough to add other devices if people are interested. I just didn't feel like implementing the entire protocol up front.

The code is on svn at sourceforge. I will probably hold off on a release until I can display more of the data visually. I want to add heart rate graphs, route maps, and lap tables. Maybe next hack week...