Friday, October 5, 2007

Bind this...

We are looking to add to the already impressive list of libraries accessible from mono. If you have any special requests of the latest and greatest libraries which you like to access from the sexy managed language of your choice, please let us know your needs so we can prioritize our efforts.

You can make your wishes known by commenting on this blog entry, mailing, filing a bug report, or writing on a cocktail napkin and mailing it to us, if you can figure out where we live.


Martin said...

Great idea!
I would love to see a C# wrapper for the GUPnP framework (a GLib based framework for working with UPnP). UPnP is a very interesting protocol and having a good library available for C#/Mono would likely lead to a bunch of interesting applications.
GUPnP can be found here:

Regards, Martin Skøtt

Another nice binding to have would be a decent binding for Subversion. SubversionSharp is mentioned on the Mono library list, but there hasn't been a single commit on its trunk for the last three years!

Viraptor said...

This one compiles and works on mono. It's neural networks library with some samples (gui and cli). It uses Iridium Math which also works of course.

Other projects may work, as creator is aware of mono, but I've only used / can confirm those two so far. They should be added to the list.

76eels said...

I was pretty surprised that there seems to be no c# binding for ogg vorbis decoding (libvorbis). Once you take a look around you will probably notice a couple of efforts to accomplish this, but none of those achieved a releaseable state. So maybe that's worth looking into.

Simon Holm Thøgersen said...

Resurection of the GStreamer bindings would be cool. It would also bring ogg vorbis decoding.

zulu said...

please include hal-sharp in future mono releases! :-)

Joey said...

PDF Sharp, MagickNet, and Granados should be on the list, assuming they compile right in Mono. I haven't tried to run them through MOMA lately.

Vlado said...

I am looking for SSH so something around OpenSSH would would work great. You would get a FIPS 140-2 implementation which is quite important in some settings. Ping should come as part of the full 2.0 implementation so I won't mention it.



jaebird said...

A binding to libmokoui would be a great way to promote "native" looking apps on the OpenMoko platform.