Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Decisions Decisions

Parted ways with Xamarin today. Reflecting on my time at Ximian and then Novell, I've enjoyed working closely, day-to-day, with the professionals on the Mono team, as well as our talented volunteer community. It's been a real treat for the past 8 years.

I believe in Mono and Gtk# and still think they're the best thing going on Linux and the Open Source universe. Looking at the amazing applications that have been written for the desktop using technologies I've helped to create, and the way we've managed to extend Mono's reach to mobile devices, I'm proud of what we've accomplished.

Nothing definite yet for where I go from here. I'm interested in serious opportunities for a skilled developer with expertise spanning the unmanaged C, Java, and Mono/.NET universes on Windows, Linux, OSX, Android, and iOS.


Mike Beltzner said...

Must have been a difficult decision. Well, if you're serious about entertaining offers, your pedigree speaks for itself, and I'd be thrilled if you wanted to talk about options at DownUnder GeoSolutions with me, Vlad, Zach Brown and Phil Schwan.

Get in touch with me (mikeb at dugeo dot com) if you're interested - feel free to ask Geoff who I am if you'd like some bona fides from my end!

Stifu said...

Weird how the people not joining or leaving Xamarin did so before finding another job first.
Also interesting that you first joined Xamarin then left it, if I understand correctly. I wonder what's happening behind the scenes, but I understand it can't be made public. I can imagine the salary might be lower than at Novell's, and/or it could be about the precarity of the company...

Not trying to troll or anything here, I support Mono and its team very much. As well as its ex-team members like you, who are most likely great people. :)

Paco Martinez said...


The very best for you going forward. You have been exemplary as a developer and pioneer in all things GNOME, Mono and Gtk# Are you still running and keeping fit? :-)

Thanks for all of the support you gave me and my fam when Paquito died in Iraq.

If you ever need anything...

Francisco "Paco" Martinez