Monday, August 13, 2007

Change change change

After living with 4 German Shepherds for over 10 years, the past year has held a lot of painful if not unexpected changes for Sherry and I. We lost OD last fall at ten and a half. This summer was particularly bad, losing our 11 year old JR just two weeks after 13 year old Maggie.

Sherry, Qman, and I have sort of been moping around the house for the last month. It's amazing how empty a house can feel.

That all changed Wednesday night.

It's equally amazing how quickly a 3 month old puppy can fill up a house. Her name is Beebee. We haven't had a puppy in the house in over 11 years. The frantic dashes to the back yard during housebreaking. The brief periods of high-energy romping separated by hours of food-induced comas.

Qman has not been all that interested in playing her little puppy games, but has been very tolerant of her. At times, it seems like he's just laying there rolling his eyes at her. She has a pretty amazing personality. Extremely friendly and confident, and the shepherd drive to please is already evident. We are really looking forward to watching her develop and anticipating the fun we'll have earning obedience, agility, and tracking titles.

Oops, time to take her out back again!

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zerwas said...

My commiseration is with you for JR and Maggie. My own dog (11 years old) died a few days ago because of epileptic attacks. It was a torture of days for him and we needed to lull him to sleep :-//.