Monday, May 7, 2007

Spring cleaning

After a brief hiatus helping out with the winforms bug count, I've spent the last few weeks shaking out bugs in Gtk#. The win32 instability issues with trunk seem to have been smoothed out. For the last week, I chased a bunch of ref management and object dispose/destroy issues down in MD and Stetic. Things seem pretty stable now with trunk, but as always, please report any trouble you run into.

I'd like to encourage anyone who has an interest in 2.10 to try out current svn trunk with your applications. It is possible you may see issues since we are getting closer to accurate object finalization now. Many of the issues I worked through in Stetic, for example, were related to using objects after they were already disposed, or marked for finalization by the GC through the circular ref handling capabilities of the GC. If you are doing any object destruction in Dispose overrides, for example, that can cause trouble. If you are invoking base.Dispose in a GLib.Object subclass, it should always be called after you do the additional work. When objects are leaking stuff like this doesn't bite you, but it just might now.

We would like to pull together a release in the near future, and I think things are stable enough at this point for more people to kick the tires. I've revised the Gtk# Plan wiki page to describe the recent changes in the tree and the planned feature additions.

And on a completely unrelated and personal note, I ran my first 5K race over the weekend and survived to hack another day.

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