Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gtk# for .net

Forgot to blog about this when it happened, but since I've gotten a couple of questions lately...

In February, we released a new version of the Gtk# for .net installer. It packages Gtk# 2.12.8 and the associated gtk+ binaries, including the registry keys necessary to build projects with MSBuild and add references using the references dialog in VS.

This single installer combines the managed development functionality previously provided by both the SDK and Runtime installers in a significantly smaller download than the old SDK installer, since it no longer ships many of the C development files packaged in the old installers. This installer also works properly on XP and Vista, unlike previous versions.

In the near future, we will be announcing the availability of additional installers supporting the use of mono libraries like Mono.Posix, Mono.GetOptions, and Mono.Addins on .Net and maybe a new application installer or two as well. Stay tuned.


PatentSleuth said...

Thanks for publishing an MSI.

And I loved the small download size for a fully functional Gtk# on .NET!

John J said...

Thanks for this Mike. I notice that you used WiX to develop the MSI file. Can I ask if the .WXS source files are available for viewing anywhere? I'm struggling to learn WiX myself, and could use a few 'real-life' examples.

Jonathan Pobst said...


The various .wxs sources are in Mono's SVN, here:


Olivier Dagenais said...

This is fantastic news, thank you for making this available! I look forward to Mono surpassing .NET itself on all platforms... :)

- Oli

Unknown said...

Has anyone installed Cairo with the GTK# for .net?

Unknown said...


I am trying to get an application that uses Cairo in addition to the GTK to ccompile in Visual Studio .Net

Is there a version of the gtk for .net that includes Cairo?